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Please note: We Do Not Recycle Tyres! We Sell Processing Equipment! Prices start at R 1.2 million.


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    The complete OTR downsizing system consists of an efficient 3 step process. Waste mining tires and large truck tires are reduced to manageable tire segments for shredding or baling.

    Step 1 – De-beading of tire to remove bead for metal recycling & preservation of shredder using Eagle OTR De- Beader

    Step 2 – Horizontally cutting tire in half using Eagle Punch Cutter

    Step 3 – Cutting tire into 6 or 8 segments as required using Eagle Tian II Tire cutter

    View the range of Tire Cutters capable of safely cutting car and truck tires in less than 15 seconds per cut.

    Tire de-beaders for removal of steel beads ensures effective shredding and better end product.

    Tire De- rimmers and multi- purpose Tire Slicer for removal of sidewalls & beads.

    Machines are available as stationary or portable units, with electric or diesel engines.

    The Eagle Tire Baler is an effective and efficient method for reducing the volume of waste tires for storage or transportation purposes.

    Baling 100 car tires into 1 bale every 15to 20 minutes.

    Car Tire Bale size: 30” x 54” 60” Truck Tire Bale Size: 45” x 54” x 77”

    Units are available as stationary or portable with electric or diesel engines.

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