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Please note: We Do Not Recycle Tyres! We Sell Processing Equipment! Prices start at R 1.2 million.

Category: Oversized Tire Reduction

Oversized Tire Reduction
Author: Admin | Aug.27.2014 | Comment(s): 8,887

The complete OTR downsizing system consists of an efficient 3 step process. Waste mining tires and large truck tires are...

Tire Cutters, De-beaders, Tire Slicers, De- rimmers
Author: Admin | Aug.27.2014 | Comment(s): 2

View the range of Tire Cutters capable of safely cutting car and truck tires in less than 15 seconds per...

Tire Baler
Author: Admin | Aug.27.2014 | Comment(s): 116

The Eagle Tire Baler is an effective and efficient method for reducing the volume of waste tires for storage or...

Granutech Shredders
Author: Admin | Oct.7.2013 | Comment(s): 6

Granutech Saturn  Dual Shaft shredders are industry leaders in performance, effectively shredding tyres and reducing waste tyres to desired size...

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